3 Day Riverside Yoga & Meditation
Retreat in Slovenia

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You don't have time to take a break?


This is the main reason, you should join a yoga retreat and take a short break from your busy life!

This "retreat" is for all those who want to relax and calm down physically, mentally, and emotionally. During holidays, people either want to go exploring, learn something new, spend time with the family, or just sit around with no work. What if I told you that you can get all of this in one yoga retreat package?

No matter what you are planning for your next holiday, a yoga retreat is sure to captivate you. Whether you have any previous experience or are just starting to explore yoga, this is the right place to come.​

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What to expect?

This ​​4-day retreat offers you the chance to disconnect from the fast pace and technology of your daily life and reconnect to yourself through daily yoga and meditation in a beautiful retreat setting on a riverside and surrounded by nature.

This retreat has been specially designed to offer a balanced blend of structured yoga and mediation activities as well as periods of free time in which you can participate in free excursions such as canoeing, trips to local caves and natural springs, or a visit to small Slovenian Venice. ​

Take time to enjoy a peaceful walk in the countryside along the Krka River and relax and detoxify in the natural warm water from the Gorjanci hills, go canoeing and strengthen your body through yoga. Or, you can simply relax, read a book and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Bicycles and stand-up paddleboards are available for guests to use in their free time.

Meditation & Yoga

Through meditation, we will explore how to slow down and deepen the breath as well as how to speed up the blood circulation to aid detoxification of the body, strengthen the heart and lungs as well as calming your thoughts and feelings.

Additional benefits which you may experience include eliminating energy congestion, cleansing the blood, regulating blood pressure and nervous system function, and increasing body resistance.

We will explore several styles of yoga from Yin yoga and meditation, Hatha yoga, restorative Vinyasa to and Aerial yoga!

Our program for these activities is scheduled as below.

  • 1 Day - Evening Restorative Aerial Yoga on Silk Bags and Meditation

  • 2 Day - Morning Vinyasa Yoga and Meditation, Evening Restorative Aerial Yoga on Silk Bags and Meditation

  • 3 Day - Morning Yin Yoga and Meditation

Canoe & Cave Activities

Take time to explore this riverside retreat location by canoe and explore the natural beauty of the river Krka making stops in the hidden corners that only the locals know about. The smaller lakes in the Dolenjska region are home to outdoor natural spas, where the water temperature is always 27 degrees which makes swimming in these spas a possibility all year round!

There is also a possibility to visit the Kostanjevica na Krki caves located at the foot of the Gorjanci hills, a beautifully diverse terrain. Over many years rainwater, subterranean watercourses, and tectonic movements have created dreamlike cave formations with fairytale motives.

The length of these caves is just over 2 kilometers but cavers are still exploring the entire cave system. Footpaths in the caves are suitable for all ages from children upwards and you can take a guided tour with an explanation that lasts 40 minutes.

The retreat experience is designed to restore your energy, rejuvenate your body and mind and allow you to be inspired, refreshed, focused, and calmed by the beautiful nature of the Slovenian Posavje region.

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People often need time to rest after a vacation, but the beauty of our yoga retreat is that it is designed primarily for deep mental and physical relaxation. We believe a yoga retreat is more a celebration than a vacation.


  • Daily yoga classes

  • Daily meditation classes

  • Daily pranayama classes

  • Water, tea, coffee served throughout the day

  • Free excursions to sites of interest

  • 2 nights accommodation

  • 3 daily delicious and nutritious meals

  • Free canoeing and bike rental

  • Wifi connection

  • Parking

This retreat is a small group offering with a minimum of 3 guests and a maximum of 6 guests and we welcome all levels of yoga experience to join us!

Due to COVID-19, you must enclose a negative test of COVID-19, which is at least 42 hours old, on arrival or you may have a vaccination certificate for COVID-19.



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